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Our curriculum-aligned content is designed by trained, certified educators —because high-quality educational content ensures a high-quality learning experience.

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Learning & teaching the easy way

  • Tools to empower teachers and parents

    Teachers and parents can identify gaps in their students’ understanding, to tailor classroom instruction and meet the needs of every student.

  • Manage your class from anywhere on any device

    All the resources you need to encourage your students and keep them engaged, no matter where they are.

Always in the loop

  • Encouraging your students to succeed

    Gamification built in to every lesson to keep students engaged and motivated to improve.

  • Trusted Content

    Designed by experts, the CBMSkills’ math mastery library of trusted, Common Core standards-aligned assessments covers math K through 5th Grade. It’s all free for learners and teachers.

  • Reminder emails

    These notifications will help students, parents, and teachers stay up-to-date with news surrounding CBMSkills.

Assessment the CBMSkills Way

We empower teachers to support their entire classroom. Practicing their skills on a regular basis can help students improve their math performance.

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CBMSkills in-product math skills
  • Aligned with CCSS at the K-5th Grade levels.
  • Progression into major math topics that coincide with in-class instruction.
  • Instant feedback, both for the student and for the educator.

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As a parent, you can help your child build a deep, rock-solid understanding in math. As a teacher, you will help your students learn more efficently.

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